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Add Advanced Export Playlist Settings (Relative Paths)


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It would be useful to export Poweramp playlists using relative paths inside the m3u8 files instead of absolute paths. This way it can be easier to sync playlists between devices.

I apologize if there's already a solution about this, I just could not find it.

I love the app!

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On 6/22/2020 at 9:22 AM, flyingdutchman said:

New Playlist Manager has options to create relative path based playlist. 😃

Where is the setting for this or has it not been released yet? I sync my playlists across devices so I'm very much looking forward to this :)

Edit: Ah it's a separate app you've created. I'll take a look.

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This is very annoying indeed. I listen to music on both Windows and Android and the lack of relative path (output) support has really pushed me to switch to a different player temporarily. 


It's possible to edit the playlist files myself to make them correct for both Poweramp and Musicbee on PC but having to do this every time I sync music is pretty ridiculous. 

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Poweramp can read either relative or absolute path playlists, and to maximise compatibility it ignores any non-matching directory elements (e.g. C:\User\etc in a Windows-created file will be ignored, only the filename and first-level containing folder will be checked).

However you are right that if you change and re-save a playlist, PA will always write full absolute Android paths back to storage - which won't be compatible if you later copy or sync that file back to a Windows machine or other different file system. This is doubly-frustrating due to a minor bug which still needs to be fixed which triggers PA to automatically re-save a playlist file if you merely long-press on any song within it - maybe just to view Info/Tags or Add to Queue - but make no changes to the playlist at all. In your case, that would cause your relative-path playlist file to become corrupted in terms of any other synced usage, even though you didn't actually edit anything. 

I agree with you that firstly PA should not write playlists back to storage unless a genuine change has been made, and also where a playlist file used relative paths in the first place it should be saved back to storage the same manner.


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