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Titles that start with a number or # shown incorrectly


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Hi - I love Poweramp.  Thank you for your work on it.

v3-build-874-arm64-play Full Version 64 bit

Samsung Galaxy S10 Stock

Android Version 10

Minor bug I found and I don't know if it's been there all along or if it started recently, but I just noticed it.

On songs where the title starts with a number or the # symbol (3 Legs by Paul McCartney, #1 Crush by Garbage, etc), the title shows up in the interface without the number or # and number ("Legs" and "Crush")

The files are tagged properly.

Here's a screenshot of the display for one as shown in Poweramp and also a screenshot of the tags from the file from the phone as shown in mp3tag.


Annotation 2020-06-17 102014.jpg

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Strange, it almost looks like you have perhaps set PA to display filenames instead of Title tags (or for some reason the tag hasn't been read correctly), see Settings > Library > Lists > Filename as Title. That mode was designed to try to interpret track numbers if digits are found at the beginning of a filename, but has been updated in more recent PA versions to change the display behaviour. What do you see if you long-press on the album art and select Info/Tags ?


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Thanks for the reply.

Settings>Library>Lists...Filename as Title is off


Here's a screenshot of the tags for that song. They match what is shown in mp3tag on the computer.




EDIT: Geez, that image is giant.  Sorry about that.


PS - I also noticed that "Legs" is what's getting sent to the Scrobbler (Simple Scrobbler)

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Well, as you suggested the Full Rescan did the trick and now the affected titles are showing and scrobbling appropriately. 

I should have known there would be no such bug in software as great as Poweramp. 

Sorry to gum up your bug forum when the bug was me.

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