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Remove Sleep Timer with multiple of 5 and let user play the audio any number of times he wants.

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why the best android player in the world doesnt have this feature is beyond my imagination. I am looking for an update in this feature. Remove multiples of 5 in Sleep timer and give the user to play any audio clip the number of times he wants it to play and end it. being a developer myself i know how simple this feature is. Please incorporate it. i badly need it.


I am a paid user and i am feeling guilty if it was worthy of being a Poweramp premium user without such options.

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So just to clarify, you are asking for two features:

1) Finer control in the Sleep timer, so the slider bar has more freedom to be set anywhere from 1 minute upwards, in 1 minute increments, rather than only offering preset intervals.
2) Add a cutoff to the 'Repeat One Song' feature to allow (for example) a track to be played ten times and then stop. 

The second feature could be roughly achieved by using the first feature of course, but it would be a bit clumsy. For example if a repeated track was 3'30" and you wanted it to play it ten times, you could set the Sleep timer to 35 minutes and tick the 'Play Last Song to End' box.


If I could be cheeky :) and add a little request of my own to this by the way, I've always thought that an inactivity tickbox would be handy in the Sleep timer setting panel. So you could set a timer to stop playback 15 minutes after the last manual interaction (track changes, volume change, pause, etc). Great for nighttime listening on headphones (assuming the headphones have control buttons of course) when you don't know how long it will take you to fall asleep.


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