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Higher Framerate Animations (90, 120 FPS)

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I suppose it is a very quality-of-life kind of feature, but I would love to see smoother menu transitions and animations for phones that support up to 120Hz refresh rate on their screens.
After you get used to scrolling and going through menus in 120 frames per second, regular animations are noticably jaggier. It's niche, but it would be a great QoL addition to the player.

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5 hours ago, maxmp said:

@dizzy_af Poweramp UI works at the framerate as system commands it. On 90hz screens it works on 90fps (e.g. on OP7Pro, Mi10pro, etc.).


I am on a OP8Pro with 120hz. I can tell the system UI works smoothly, but not the transition animations (i.e. going from library view to album list), which is what I mean by "menu transitions". Thanks for the reply, anyway.

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I would also really like to have 120 Hz refresh in Poweramp.. once you get used to it,  lack of it is really noticeable. It's not only in transitions, also with scrolling regular lists with images (ie: grid view). Only the settings UI, where it's only text, is fluid on OnePlus 8 Pro.

Please recognize this is a sub-par user experience, and address it. Thank you

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