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Poweramp not reading all selected folders


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I have Poweramp on five phones and I recently got a new phone and moved my sd card from previous main phone to new one and now when I go to music folders in settings and select my sd card Poweramp is not reading all the folders on my card. I have six folders under one music folder, so I tried not having a single music folder and just the separate six folders, and Poweramp still wont recognise two out of six folders. This never happened on any of my other phones. If I put sd back in old phone it works fine, back in new phone and still just four out of six folders, Even after full rescan and hitting quick rescan at top of library page many timed. I also tried uninstalling Poweramp and reinstall and still having same problem. Poweramp has been my only music player for years and is only one that does everything I need, but this is driving me crazy, I've spent hours trying to figure it out, dont know what to do

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