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Vivo Nex cannot use its built in Hi-Fi DAC mode under Hi-Res Output Mode


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I've recently found that my Vivo Nex cannot use its built-in DAC chip to play music under Hi-Res output mode of Poweramp since I updated the device to the new system firmware.

The problem is very clear and it is shown in the following pictures. When I am under OpenSL ES Output, there is a notification of "Hi-Fi" shown on status bar, which means the device is currently using its built-in DAC chip to play the music.

However, when I switched to Hi-Res Output, the notification disappeared. The volume and sound quality of the music also significantly decreased.

Screenshot_20200527_194519.thumb.jpg.57ab32a67b0e116b1b51f3ffacf5f256.jpg     Screenshot_20200527_194529.thumb.jpg.17c892b9170467a19c1f415fc116d51d.jpg

As this problem is found after I've upgraded to the new official system firmware (Android 10), so I don't know whether it is a problem due to the new system firmware or the Poweramp app development.

I hope this issue can be brought under spotlight so the developer can check for it. The system information of my Vivo Nex is also provided below.

Device: Vivo Nex (Vivo 1805)

Vivo Rom: Funtouch OS_10

Android Version: Android 10

Software Version: PD1805F_EX_A_8.9.1

Baseband Version: 845_GEN_PACK-1.268619.1.279566.1

Kernel Version: 4.9.186-perf+


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One more information to add on which is the Audio Outputs Detection Log. The info is as follow.


20:35:45.888 v3-build-872-arm64-play
Device: vivo vivo vivo 1805 1805 sdm845 "qcom" 1805 QP1A.190711.020 release-keys [arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi]

has direct_pcm_24, sampling_rates=44100|48000|88200|96000|176400|192000|352800|384000
FLAG_VARIANT_DIRECT_HD via direct_pcm_24
USB can handle Hi-Res - sdk=29
OK flags=0x874616600000000

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From the log and your description, hi-res output works (and thus produces hi-res output). As for Hi-Fi, this term is about 44.1kHz/16bit quality.

I guess decreased volume is due to the non-working DVC, so I suggest manually switching to 192kHz in Hi-Res output settings and ensuring No DVC options is unchecked there. 


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There are some fairly major updates planned for the PA equaliser soon, including parametric controls and bands. PA's EQ module will also soon be available as a separate stand-alone app so it can control other audio output too.

You can have other system EQ and audio processing controls active too, but they are unlikely to work with Hi-Res audio and you may need to turn PA's DVC  mode off in order for them to work.


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On 9/9/2020 at 3:12 PM, MeatWolf said:

Since Vivo Nex as I get it doesn't have a system EQ, what will happen if Music FX is tapped in Poweramp options? And in case anyone knows, will third party EQ like Wavelet work as a system EQ replacement along with Poweramp on Nex? 

Without a 3rd party EQ app the MusicFX option in "Advanced Tweaks" will simply be greyed out and tells you "not supported by ROM".

Having a 3rd party EQ app will force MusicFX to be available and serves as the system EQ.

However, as you may have noticed from my posts, right now Vivo's Hi-Fi DAC does not like PA's Hi-Res output. 

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On 7/18/2020 at 12:55 PM, disadroyer said:

I have tried various methods already. What I think is that Vivo has changed the Hi-Fi detection algorithm in the latest ROM. That's why it won't use its built in DAC except changing to OpenSL ES Output.

I believe so too. Hi-Res used to work just fine with the hi-fi DAC on my Vivo X21a until a few months ago after a system update

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