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customize Album under Artist label and adjust alignment

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I love Poweramp so much! However, I'd like to have this setting be available in the future updates.


It would be very nice to separate the album name from the artist-album label in the player UI. I am using the Alternative Layout style which moves the tags under the album art (which I appreciate) but I'd love to add a third line for the album name instead of merging the artist and album name in the second line.

Also I would like to suggest a setting to adjust the alignment of these labels under the album art. I see that the default is aligned to the left, but I think it would look better to have center alignment setting be available. 


Thank you!

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29 minutes ago, etje268910 said:

Do we have an option to hide artist-album label on the now playing ui?

Not in the main app, but a number of third-party skins offer this level of customisation where the combined Artist+Album line can be hidden. See the Skins subforum.


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