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Recommendations for Bluetooth Earbuds under £60


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Can anyone please recommend good bluetooth earbuds that are either around or under £60?

I have recently had 2 models from MPOW m5 & m9 and also one of the anker life p2.

Out of the 3 the sound quality of the MPOW m5 was the best but these were the only pair that wouldn't stay connected in my pocket if i was commuting on a bus and maybe my hand was rested on my leg (so my arm would maybe cover my phone).

The other 2 earbuds didn't cut off in this circumstance though, would it be right that they shouldn’t cut off i am guessing?
I got sent a 2nd pair of the m5's as i thought maybe the first pair were faulty but the new pair are still cutting off a lot when in pocket.

So now i feel a bit lost, someone on another forum mentioned the SoundPEATS trueFREE + 5.0, they do seem to get very good reviews and are pretty cheap as well.

On amazon there seems to be 2 versions here in the UK, there’s one that’s 35hr charge and another thats only £1 more that says in 2020 and is 40hr charge, does anyone know if the quality of both is the same or possibly better in the newer one?

Are there any other recent buds?

I'm interested to know if the issue with my phone in my pocket would probably just be down to them particular mpow m5's i had, i didn’t notice it on my others but then didn't have them that long anyway.

I use a full leather case on my phone which covers from and back but not sure if that’s an issue for the signal?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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