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Relation of Playlists and Streams categories


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What's the exact logic behind the relation of Playlists and Streams categories? 

I know that I could add online radio streams in Playlists category before Streams category was introduced anyway. But why does this option still exist though there is an separate category for Streams? 

Aren't entries in Streams category saved permanently, if not added via Playlists category? 

I would prefer that only my Playlists of local music were stored in the Playlists category. 

If I delete a playlist of a stream in Playlists category, will it remain permanently in Streams category anyway or will it disappear after rescan? 

Thanks in advance. 

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Stream entries are generally similar to tracks (usual file based songs) and streams listed by (user created or loaded from m3u) Playlists, separate Streams category, also Queue, and "smart" playlists (Last Played, Top Rated, etc.).

Streams do not show up in other Library categories, such as All Songs, Folder, Albums, Genres, etc. As stream "tags" are dynamic and usually changed with each played song in the stream, putting streams in those categories is not viable.

You can manipulate streams the same way usual tracks are manipulated, also add those to other playlists, export, import on/send to other device, etc.


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