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Playback brakes when other media gets played


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No idea if it is a Poweramp Bug or something else.


Device: Mi 10 Pro

Android 10 (MI UI

Poweramp 871


Log File https://pastebin.com/zwegvCBd (hope it is the correct one)


Forcefully Noticed that the Playback of the Music brakes when i for example open up a game which plays sound or if sound disabled in it a video starts in it.

When that happens the Playback in PA brakes (music stops, timeline moves a bit forward & backwards), Sound in other Apps gets muted too (at least if it is videocontent), and in case of video players the playback of the file gets choppy (like if you would try to play a hd movie on a device which cant handle it)

Apparently it seems to only happens when DVC is enabled for the output device (in my case BT Headphones, hires output 24/96), reset the audio settings to default and dvc was enabled so it seems to be supported, and at least the Poweramp playback will resume if i disable dvc, but the for getting it normal on other players a reboot of the device is needed (same in case i dont disable dvc at that point for Poweramp)

Would be nice if you could look into it to see where the problem lies.


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First try Settings / Audio / Restore Defaults.

If that doesn't help:
☰ Settings / 🔈 Audio / Output / your active output / your active device / No Duck - Enable

Not all devices can properly handle hi-res + DVC + additional audio streams, thus Poweramp should be paused (No Duck option).

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As far as i tested it (shortly) yesterday it does not happen when i activate the pause on focus change in the no duck options.

But as that is not an useful option for me (as i listen to music often when reading...or doing other stuff on the phone like playing games) i rather keep dvc disabled instead of no duck.

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