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Advancing songs by swiping advances category (instead of repeating)


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I have my settings set at Repeat Category and Shuffle Songs

If the songs are advancing by playing or by headphone controls or buttons, all is well and the songs continue to repeat within the category (playlist).

If I swipe the album art to advance the songs manually, the songs don't repeat in the category; the category advances when the last song in the category plays...

It's much easier to advance songs by swiping when I'm driving, but I want to stay in the same category (and I usually have my advance song buttons hidden). 


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I should also note that the problem is also evident when going backward: 

For example, if I use the buttons and go back it will stay in the same category (playlist); it will stop on the first song

but when I swipe the album cover back (to the right) and it gets to the first song it won't stay, it jumps to the previous playlist, even though the category is "Repeat Category"

And when I swipe forward (to the left) to get back in my original category, it doesn't go, it just stays in the new one until it cycles through every song...



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