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Delete song from queue when finished playing


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How it behaves right now (playstore beta channel build):

I have a queue with 13 items stacked up. I click on song #1 in queue and it starts playing song #1. While playing it says 1/13. After finishing the song, Poweramp starts playing song #2 which is 2/13.  

expected behaviour:

After finishing the song Poweramp starts playing song #2 which is 1/12

Is this a faulty setting on my side or something that I should add to feature requests?

If it is a bug/not a feature yet, I will suggest to either make it a regular behaviour or give us an option "queue options -> remove song from queue after playback (toggle)

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The queue remains available while you are still listening to it (and you scan use previous track / next track to move through it) until all songs have been played. So if you queued 13 songs, you will see them displayed as 1/13, 2/13, 3/13 all the way up to 13/13. Even if you start playing the queue in the middle by tapping on the seventh song, it would still show the current position within the queued list as 7/13. This is the same as any other playback category (albums, folders, playlists, etc) where you see the item position within the current list. 


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