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Android Auto album art not changing


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Hey all,

I just downloaded Poweramp this week, and it's been great.

However, I finally got to use it with Android Auto today and when I skip to the next track about 50% of the time the album art doesn't change, it just keeps the art of the previous song that was playing. I've had other apps do this briefly, where it would take a few seconds to load before changing, but Poweramp didn't change the artwork until the second song ended.

The quick solution I found was to skip forward to another track then go back and the art would reset. Additionally, if I skipped two songs forward instead of just one the problem never happened.

Is there something I can check or uncheck in the settings to make this not happen in the future?


Poweramp build: v3-build-866-arm64-play [866994-d7e07d05]
Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note9
OS: Android 10

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3 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

Have you checked Settings > Album Art > Always Send Album Art ?


Funny, I had that checked yesterday when I was going through the settings, but it was unchecked when I looked at it now. Hopefully that will fix it.

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