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"Poweramp has been killed"


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device: motorola moto g7
os version: android 9
os build: ppos29.114-134-14
security patch level: april 1, 2020
program version/build: v3-build-866-arm64-play [866004-d7e07d05] full version 64bit

when using wired headphones, when I turn off my phone's screen with music playing, SOMETIMES it immediately stops music playback and when I check, it tells me its detected its been killed by battery/power management.
I've checked, neither Poweramp nor the unlocker are under battery restriction, both have permission to operate.

steps taken:
verified permissions, verified the background restriction is set to 'app can use battery in background'.
I have NOT tried a re-installation..I have way too many playlists to make this a suitable option barring everything else has failed...

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