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Replay Gain Controls


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My first post so just a big thank you for a great app.

My question is about the controls within the Replay Gain section.  I think I understand the basics of Replay Gain i.e adding a tag to control the pre-amp settings of the player.  So what do the two sliders for RG Preamp / Preamp without RG actually do?

Thanks for your help

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By default as per the specs, ReplayGain is meant to adjust tracks so they all have the same maximum peak level of -14dB from digital maximum. This is achieved by either boosting low-volume-level recordings, or by reducing the volume of recordings that already peak at 100% (which is very common these days). This is done to allow plenty of headroom for post processing, EQ, effects, etc.

However that does result in the peak sound level - while still being equal between each track - being set somewhat lower than the device might otherwise be capable of. This can upset the "it goes up to 11!" brigade. :)

To compensate for this, there is a control which defines what level RG is meant to use as its desired peak level, and if you have low (or no) EQ boost settings then you can safely make that target level somewhat higher than the default would be. The "Preamp without RG" setting does the same thing for any tracks without any RG tags, and on the assumption that they probably peak at 100% it can reduce those tracks to match with the levels that RG tracks use, so hopefully they all sound similar.


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