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Show what playlists a song is in

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Just like Youtube playlist. When you add a song to playlists, ticks show playlists the song is in. This will make playlists management more convenient. You won't add a song twice to the same playlist.

Other possible improvement:

1. Find playlists containing a song (Search title, show playlists)

2. Add a "Show Playlist" option. Like tap "Folder" let you jump to the folder the song is in. Tap "Show Playlist" to show all playlists a song is in. You can jump to those playlists if you want.


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I think just knowing where all tracks are on every playlist is the right way to go. That's too much to ask for though, when you have too many playlists. So I think this is a legitimate request.

The real problem is, where is there even space for that button… Every button you add makes all other buttons less easy to find. And what would the results screen even look like?

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On 5/8/2020 at 1:04 AM, andrewilley said:

Settings > Library > Playlists > Don't Add Duplicates


Thanks for your solution. @andrewilley I really think this is a legitimate request and this function is quite common. 

[spotify] See in which of my Playlists a Song is in

[itunes] show what playlists your songs are in


1) You love Poweramp so much, 😍

you use it every single day.


2) You find a good song and you save it to Your Music,

where you already have zillions of songs


3) So you also want this song into your playlists,

which you kinda sort songs by a personal criteria that works for you


3) But this song happens to fit several of your playlists.. and you wonder:


Q1: Is this song already in my playlists?

Q2: If so, in which one/ones?


It could be done in an more elegant and simpler way. Try and error is not a pleasure. Like this



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Thanks for the request. As Poweramp has no such category as "set of playlists", I guess it can be a "targeted search" with the playlists with the given track as search results.

@LighSark actually, that add to playlist dialog supports multiple selection - just long press item there and checkboxes appear.

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