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Artist Albums/songs shuffle?

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I love to be able to shuffle all songs for a particular artist from all of his/her/their albums.

If I fancy a bit of Oasis i'd like to shuffle my complete collection of Oasis albums instead of shuffling through one of their albums and having to change album to get more.

Is this possible?

Artist pictures would be a nice touch too, similar to Player Pro. although the option to turn that off and not download the images should be added with it, incase users don't want to waste space on their sd card for the images which aren't essential.

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This wasn't changed for PowerAMP 2.0:

While playing album (or any other list), hit (or long press) shuffle icon for Shuffle list mode.

Or within songs list (in album, artist, etc.) hit menu => Shuffle.

Or long press/right press on album item => Shuffle.


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