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Hi there,


I have a question. Coming from Player Pro, which has some issues with Chromecast Audio, I purchased Poweramp and are generally happy with it. But I miss one function, which I suppose, is already implemented and I have not find the easiest way to do so: What is the fastest way to play a single album? As of now, I have to tap long on the respective album and than add them to the queue. Afterwards I have to set the individual repeat option. Are there any other possibilities to play a special album?

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Poweramp's default Repeat mode is called 'Advance Category', which means that at the end of the current 'category' (which is PA's general term for whatever grouping you have decided to use - such as playing by Album, Folder, Artist, etc) it will move on to the next Category. Thus if you are listening to an album, after it ends PA will continue to play the next album in your chosen sort order automatically. You can turn this mode off by tapping (or long-pressing) on the Repeat icon in the player screen. You can just turn it off completely to just stop at the end of the current album, or chose other options such as Repeat Category (i.e. repeat album), repeat song, etc.

If you start playback of an album by tapping on the 'Play' or ' Shuffle' icons at the top of the song list, PA will adjust the Repeat and Shuffle options to ensure playback functions as intended. However if you simply want to start playing you music without making any changes to the current modes, just tap on the first song in the list and playback will commence without adjusting your existing Repeat/Shuttle settings.

For more info, please see:


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