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How to edit tags for multiple songs at once ?


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I've been a long time user, and after stopping for a while, i've just realized how awesome is v3/. 

Is it possible to select multiple songs and edit tag to choose a common artist for all of them? I'm only able to edit artist tags one by one, which is quite time consuming. 

Thank you :)

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If you insist on editing all tags in Poweramp itself, you'll be tired. I suggest you use software via computer/laptop manually or automatically :

1. Manually. Install mp3 tag (free). Edit them all one by one. You can easily edit tag in group of the same artist, and add albumart.

2. Automatically. Install MusicBrainz by Picard. It will find all tags and albumart for you automatically without you edit/type it one by one. EVEN it can find tags of the unknown songs (no title/artist at all) by its unique ID scan feature.





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