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Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong... When playing music, I have it set to shuffle but when it reaches the end of my music, it just stops. 

If I try to hit next song, it just says "end of list" shouldn't it just keep playing? I've never seen anything like this with other apps or mp3 players, etc... 



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In Shuffle mode (you don't say which type you are using?) the normal action at the end of your music collection depends on what Repeat mode you have got enabled. Using 'Advance Category' would mean it could go on to the next category and play that shuffled (or go back to the start if you are in All Songs mode). If Repeat is set to Off, playback will stop at the end of the current category (list) and you would need to use track advance to move on - either by tapping the >> button if you have Pro Buttons enabled, or by swiping on the album art to move to the next track.

If that does not resolve your issue, could you give a bit more detail on exactly what you are doing (what type of category playback are you using, your Repeat and Shuffle settings, and what happens?) 


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