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will newly added songs be shuffled?


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Hi Guys,

I have been using Poweramp a while and it's been awesome. I have a little confusion so let me explain.

I have a collection of songs in a folder (about 500). I want to play them randomly. So what I do is "Select all songs" category in PA and press shuffle button so it plays randomly. That's works pretty well.

Whenever I find interesting songs I add those songs into my folder.

I want to play them also randomly without disturbing current shuffle. ( I don't want to reset shuffle because I don't want to listen to same songs again)

My question is, Will those newly added songs be also played automatically in current shuffle?

Thanks guys

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Yes. You are right. New songs won't appear until triggering reshuffle. But this wouldn't be much matter as you grow your song collection I think. Probability for same song to be played very small with large song collections anyways.

Hey Andre, So far PA has been very pleasant to me. I think I am gonna stick to it. :)


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It's because PA builds an internal 'shuffle-order' list when you start Shuffled playback (that's how it avoids the possibility of the same song popping up again during the same session). The only way to add newly scanned items would either be to tag them onto the end of the list, or to do a new shuffle.


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