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Liked/rated Songs backup


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I frequently change roms and reinstall Poweramp.

When I reinstall Poweramp after flashing new rom, my rated or liked songs go away.. I have to rate or like those songs again.

Is there any way to backup and restore liked/rated songs? 

If yes please let me know how ?

If No please add option to backup and restore liked/rated songs

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6 minutes ago, maxmp said:

One future possible solution is an exported "all songs" m3u8 playlist with all the ratings. After restoring Poweramp and moving songs collection the playlist could be imported and ratings then restored.


I honestly didn't understand anything. Can you please explain in simple words?

I really need this feature or way to backup and restore liked/rated songs.

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43 minutes ago, maxmp said:

It's not yet implemented.

Glad you clarified that, I was thinking "huh, I didn't know exported playlists contained ratings".

If you do add an option for such exports, I would suggest adding it to the main Import/Export Settings feature, by adding an optional tickbox to the Save/Load screen to do a 'Settings-only' export, or a 'Settings+Ratings+PlayCounts' etc export. 

In the meantime, an app call New Playlist Manager can backup both playlists and star ratings (and I think it can even write the ratings back into the individual audio files for even better safety).


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1 hour ago, maxmp said:

It's not yet implemented.

I see it as:

- on old device you export and backup all songs playlist

- on the new device you import all songs playlist, that restores ratings.

Ahh nice, I am really waiting to see this feature on Poweramp.

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