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Folder View is a pain now!


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I LOVE Poweramp. Among the many, many reasons I love it, is that you have the option of Folder View. Before 2.0, you could be listening to an album(folder) and, with a long-press on the title/counter, you could go back to the folder list and switch to another album. Now that long-press brings up Artist/Album/Folder pop-up. Pressing "folder" takes you to the CURRENT folder. Then, you can hit "folder" again, or press the top of the screen, and it will finally take you to the list.

The best way I can figure out to get back to the list in 2.0 is to hit the MENU key(Droid x) then hit Folders. At any rate, it's become more of a chore to switch folders, especially for someone, like me, who does most of their listening while driving..

This, and the problem with the albumart.jpg files not showing up, makes going from the old, nearly flawless, Poweramp to 2.0 pretty disappointing. I'm sure the albumart bug will be fixed, but I REALLY hope you can streamline the folder switching.

Maybe an option to go back to the old long-press method?

Or is there something I'm missing??

Thank you!

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