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Using more then one list option and widget options

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Hello Max,

First let me say thanks for your work. :)

I have a feature request to shoot your way please. Currently when under Library/Albums they are shown in order of artist in alphabetical order from top to bottom. Would it be possible for the ability to also display by album release date or "By Year" as well? Keeping the list structured by artist but also displaying them in order of year too.

Thanks Max,

Hope your day is going well!

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Hi there,


I'm not sure but maybe demonolithic is speaking about the same thing what I have in my mind. To be on the save side I repeat it with my words:

I'd like to change setting of the display when playing songs that I can see:

1) Track name

2) Performer name (group, singer, etc.) + album name

3) Release year of the album


Now I can see only the first two (1+2) information on the display.

Is it possible please?


Thanks in advance.


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