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Good news from Spotify!

M Akmal

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Yesterday I tried to ask Spotify about Poweramp Track Provider API via its community site. Now they marked my thread as New Idea and change the label to Partnership. It seems that there will be a bright side to integrating their services into this software.I don't know whether they will realize it or not. So What do you think @maxmp? Sorry if I didn't ask you first :)


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Actually, the APIs are pretty standard Android APIs (though they are not used currently by media players this way). Poweramp partnered with some other 3rd party cloud track provider app (still in alpha, will be available later this year) - but that doesn't include Spotify as Spotify keeps their content to themselves (some non-commercial access is possible, but Poweramp can't be considered non-commercial). Thanks for the info!

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@maxmp Any news on the partnership with the cloud track provider ? is it a main stream one ? 

thanks :)

Edit: I found half of an answer in your other post

music streaming license

Wow this would be mind blowing if we could play a stream from deezer/qobuz or any lossless stream provider...

1. Is there anyway to access that beta/alpha version?

2. Are there any official partnership yet or is this feature just on its own for now?

Thanks a lot

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