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Showing album/playlist duration and album year


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Hi, I found that I often choose which album to play based on its duration or the album year, I wonder if you could consider showing them in the album/playlist list like X10's Mediascape does? The year can be taken from the tag of the first song, for example.


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Hi. I consider buying Poweramp, but as the creator of this thread I like to listen to the music based on album/playlist duration.

Today I have downloaded trial from Market, but I couldn`t find this feature.

Has it been added? (its been over a year since first post in this thread)

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On 9/23/2018 at 7:46 PM, bangarama said:

I made an account just to say this....

I have the beta version, is this already implemented in the normal release or in some skin that I'm not using? I'd be genuinely disappointed if this has been a running issue for 8 years now.

the v3 is still in beta 
honestly i don't get how this is not implemented yet. those are very important features for a music player

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