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Modified Artist List

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If this option already exists, I am sorry for wasting peoples time and could you just point it out.

What I am looking for is a way to modify what is shown in the Library - Artists list and I will provide this example.

Say I have 3 albums by Bruce Springsteen, 2 Albums by The Clash, 4 Albums by the Who and a various artists Folder containing Top Dance Songs of the 90's which has a 100 different artists doing 100 different songs.   What I see in the Artists  list is a 103 different artists which I have to scroll through in order find the artist whose album I want to play.

What I would like to see is only the 3 artists with albums.  This could be done by coding a threshold which the user could set, such as only artists with 'X' number of songs would appear on the artist list. The other option is to code a user option which would only allow artists to appear on the Artists list if they actually have an album and not just a song as part of the music folder.

The reason I have asked for this feature is that I have dozens of albums on my phone along with numerous collections of songs with artists and just a single song.  So when I go look at the Artists list I see hundreds of artists when really I only want to see the ones who have full albums.

If you can help that would be great.



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Do you use just the Artist tag? You should be able to do this using the Album Artist tag. For your Bruce Springsteen, The Clash and The Who albums should have both Artist and Album Artist set to these artists. In the Dance Tunes folder leave the Artist tag as you have it set. In the Album Artist tag set all 100 songs to be Top Dance Songs (and maybe set the album name to Top Dance Songs for the songs in this folder). Then when you go into your library via the Album Artist method you should have just 4 listed, Bruce Springsteen, The Clash, The Who and Top Dance Songs.

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