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Bluetooth Car - No Album or Title Information

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When used in a car with bluetooth-connection there is no Information in the "now playing" section (it is not Android Auto). If browsed through the Phone via car display all titles can be found (Oneplus 7T).

I would really like to go on with Powerpoint. In V2 the titles etc where showed.





Version: V3 Build 856-860, (v3-build-860-arm64-play) 

Device: OnePlus 7T 

Android 10

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Poweramp uses standard API for sending BT info, it's always sent and there is nothing that can affect this from Poweramp side.

Poweramp can optionally send now playing list, see Settings / Misc / Now Playing List For Connected Devices/Apps. 

If enabling this doesn't help, try to un-pair your BT device and pair it again (esp. if you recently updated ROM, as this is known, long standing Android issue).


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