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Song title and album art hangs


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I often notice that when a new song start to play the info, title and album art of the previous song still is visible on my phone and car system when I'm driving. I also notice this behaviour on Poweramp on my Shield TV

This morning I had this again driving at work and for four songs the info, title and album art stayed the same while the songs do change in random order. When I change manually to the next song I will get the info etc. from that new song again.


  • Poweramp version V3 build 860 full version
  • Samsung S10 / Nvidia Shield TV
  • Android Version 10
  • Played with crossfade time but that did not help. Crossfade is set to 9850 ms

Log send



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This did not help. On my shield tv I had this option already enabled. 
With the first Two songs I played just now it happened again.

When the new song starts I see a flash on my screen so it looks like something is changing but it doesn’t. When the song is playing for two minutes the info and art suddenly did change.

So it looks random behaviour, sometimes it works, sometimes it hangs multiple songs and sometimes there is a delay.

Hope this helps solving it.


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