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Pause track during navigation

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I couldn't find an option to pause a track during navigation when connected to Bluetooth.

I know you can lower the volume when the navigation voice interrupts, but this doesn't work good when you're listening to an audiobook or a podcast. When the map navigation voice talks, I miss what was said during the audiobook.

Wouldit be possible to add this?

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9 hours ago, andrewilley said:

Have a look at the Short Audio Focus Change options in Settings > Audio > Audio Focus.


Thanks Andre, I looked around in there but didn't see any option to pause the current track - there's only options for lowering/cutting volume.

I'd like it to pause the track so even if the person reading the audiobook is in the middle of a word, the track will pause, then continue playing that word after being interrupted by the navigation voice.

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50 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

It won't be quite 'part-word' accurate, but yes changing the Short Audio Focus Change settings should cause PA to pause when a notification occurs and then restart afterwards.


Ok, I'll try that out today. Thanks again.

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