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Shortcut issue with automation apps


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I am trying to use automation with Poweramp. The purpose is to be able to auto launch a selected playlist in shuffle when a particular bluetooth is connected (for using with my bluetooth alarm clock). 

Then I created a shortcut for this playlist and selected shuffle play. The shortcut is working correctly in itself if i put on Nova launcher or Samsung launcher. 

My issue is when i try to use automation apps. I tried with Automate, Tasker, IFFT and Automagic. All apps can see the shortcut in list but fail to properly launch it. When i try to register the shortcut path the apps open the playlist selection window but then nothing happens, the shortcut path remains empty. Also this shortcut selection method works with all other available app shortcuts, including one from another famous player. I think the shortcut selection method is very different (doesn't open the app directly but just a popup in contrary of other apps). But i would really prefer to use Poweramp ! ;)

Do you know what's going on here between Poweramp shortcut method and automation apps ? Or another way to get this shortcut path ? 

I am using Poweramp build 860 on Snapdragon Galaxy S10 G9750, Android 10. But this issue is there for a long time so i don't think it's version dependant 

Thanks a lot

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