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Customising Widgets


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@maxmp, I am hoping to modify your set of widgets in line with my Yaps skins. so I am trying to build and compile the powerampapi/poweramp_simplewidgetpack as found on Github.

I am running into all sorts of problems trying to build the project.

I have :

- updated the TargetSdk to 29,

- migrated to androidx,

- classpath  'com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.6.1',

- added google() to repositories. 

The modules do not compile and some of the .java code shows errors, for instance

public abstract class BaseWidgetConfigure

where the signature of the pushUpdate method is different.

mWidgetProvider.pushUpdate(this, mPrefs, new int[]{ mAppWidgetId }, mediaRemoved, false, false, null);

method generateUpdateData is missing from mWidgetProvider

WidgetUpdateData data = mWidgetProvider.generateUpdateData(this, mediaRemoved, false, false);

Given the last updates on Github are 5 and 7 years ago, I imagine the modules are probably out of date

My question is whether there is any point in proceding with this. 

Your help would be appreciated

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