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PowerAMP v2.0 (Release)


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Awesome, thanks! Anything on the things I asked earlier?

How do I disable the track counter on the widget?

Why is shuffle/repeat switches forced with the rating switches on lockscreen? I'd prefer to only have the shuffle/repeat switches.

Whenever I click on the widget on my homescreen, it doesn't always take me to the Player screen even though I have the Startup Screen set to the player. It seems that if I don't hit home while on the player, it doesn't take me there when I press on the widget and it just takes me to the Library. Any way to correct this?

Any plans for different lockscreens? I liked the old one very much where everything was on the bottom of the screen with my clock alone on the top of the screen.

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You may get better results for some buggy ROMs by disabling Direct Volume Control in Poweramp Audio Engine Advanced settings.

maxmp I didn't make myself clear enough: Direct Volume Control is actually what seems to have solved the problem with "some buggy ROMs" :)


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I experienced some bugs while using Poweramp V2.0 on my HTC Desire S (Android 2.3.5/ Sense 3.0):

  • The Dolby Mobile and SRS Enhancement settings aren't doing anything at all. I can select one of them, but I don't hear any difference.
  • When I change the playlist order the wrong album art is being loaded. So, when I change the playing order from "Shuffle all" to "Shuffle songs, lists in order", the album art which would have been next when the "Shuffle all" setting was still on is displayed for a short time, and after that the right album art is displayed.
  • When I choose for "Vertical" in Display Mode, it works fine when I'm using the player. However, if I go to the settings menu, the display style is Default, so it's displaying the menu horizontally when I hold the phone that way

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Poweramp "Library scan" caused my phone to freeze (got to about 65% the time I was watching it) and then the phone rebooted.

This happened twice before the third time, when it seemed to finish the scan.

After one more reboot the phone seems to have stored the Library correctly.

This happened with a fresh install of Poweramp from the market.

Approximately 2000+ songs on a 32GB Class10 SD Card, works fine through the stock music player.

Mix of mostly MP3, a couple m4a and a few Flac files.

Sony Xperia X10a running CyanogenMod CM7.1.0 FXP-045 (Link)

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Widget configuration is available when you're adding new widget to the home screen.

Can I somehow turn off the shuffle and repeat buttons from the widget?

Has anyone requested a progress bar for the widget yet? If not, I would love one. ;)

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One more thing, I'm having trouble regarding the volume. Since the upgrade to 2.0, I'm finding it's either too loud or not loud enough. I've made some screenshots of the settings I'm using, maybe someone can give me pointers before I go deaf. :P

Here's the screenshots, and please note this volume is what I consider not loud enough. But the next one up is too loud. :(




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Sorry, one more thing! The option of Keep List Scroll Position (found in Settings > Folders/Library > Advanced > Lists) doesn't seem to work for me. When I have this option enabled, and when I go into an album I haven't listened to since upgrading to 2.0, the list of songs will be half way down, rather than at the top showing the first track.

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When you do this, please could you also add a quick third option to force a rescan whenever launching the main PowerAmp program? That'd help folks like me who have podcast folders which update regularly.

Was this bit not possible, as I can't see it in the new 2.0.1 beta, just a tick-box to prevent automatic rescanning?


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Is there going to be widgets that support screens on devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note? I am currently using one but realize the widgets go only up to 4 rows while the screen allow 5.

Anyway to allow resizeable widgets?



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