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Auto Playlists like Musicbee


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Have options in Musicbee to auto create playlists of choices listed.

Like these:

Year of albums released or just year or more but that is what I would like. This would auto add new albums that are added and scanned.

The recently added does not show enough of the most recently added or does not stay long enough to use of what I would like to listen to. There is a lot of choices to add for auto playlists but just add most used ones.

You could add more but those seem the easiest to add. I just a hassle to do an auto playlist on musicbee and then try to sync it to my phone. It scanned my phone but would not sync the playlist. I tried exporting from musicbee, then added it to the library folder on phone, but still did not get all the playlist, just 20+ songs out of 48 albums. So this would be easier if Poweramp had a built in auto playlist creation in the app. Just a thought.

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