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Stream: FFWD / reposition?


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Hi, if I add a stream (e.g. https://archive.tilos.hu/mp3/tilos-20200215-073500-093000.mp3) I'd like to:

- set a name to be displayed as the entry
- able to reposition the stream (FFWD, RWND) by using a slider, just like it is possible in case of audion stored on the device.

As far as I can see, it is not possible at the moment - or do I miss something?
The FFWD / respositioning works well in AIMP (for PC) for the same stream (see above).
(BTW, great software, glad that it is not actively deloped again!)

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You are right, it is an archived stream - so it is not live. The title I have given is a bit misleading, I admit -  the reason was probably that this archive belongs to a radio that has live streams too. It has its own player for Android, and that can fast forward - but has other weaknesses. So the quesiton is still there - would it be possible to use the usual RWD/FFWD for an mp3 behind a URL?


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