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Same song into different playlists duplicates the albums


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Hello, I love this app, but I have a question I couldn't find an answered for in this forum.

I have 2 playlists: 

1: Rock music

2: The Beatles only

I added  same song (Here comes the Sun), same album into these 2 playlists, however Poweramp adds same album twice into my phone, basically duplicating the songs, even when belong to the same Artist, Same Album. Is there a way to avoid this, creating a duplicating album entry?.





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Thanks for your respond Andre, I ended up removing the entire music folder, and reloading everything again, and all is good now.


I used DoubleTwist app to transfer music from iTunes (MacOs) into Android, and for some reason Poweramp shows albums duplicated, but not physically, as Album was inserted into a single position only, and even triplicated, as one same album was for playlist 1, another for playlist 2, and a 3rd for the Album itself. Strange, but was resolved after I just wiped all, and reaload all again.

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