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DVC crash a diminish volume when turning on


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a&bo=OARwCDgEcAgRCT4!&rf=photolistas the picture shows my device is xiaomi mix2s,performing on miui

a&bo=OARwCDgEcAgRCT4!&rf=photolistnow the problem is the volume would minimize itself when the DVC turning on together with HIRes output.In other word,to normalize the volume,between DVC and HiRes,only one of them could be turned on.

a&bo=OARwCDgEcAgRCT4!&rf=photolista&bo=OARwCDgEcAgRCT4!&rf=photolistI have not come across this situation ever before untile my devices update to the latest miui version.and the only way to rectify is to reboot the phone.but this methed just can maintain for the first use of Poweramp after reboot.it fail valid once you break off the music.

hope to reach for your help,thanks!!

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