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Re looking for instructions, can anyone here tell me how to adjust the settings so that the Poweramp media player only plays what I initiate--no random shuffle at all and no playing songs or audiobooks [when reopening the player after pausing or stopping the player and allowing the screen to sleep] other than the file being played when paused or stopped. If PA could resume where it was when paused that would be great, but I definitely don't want other files opened and played on its own.

Thank you! This is a great player--its sound quality is awesome! But I wish it didn't have quite so much a mind of its own:<))


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@Jim Kelly PA should always resume where it left off, and it should play songs in the category order that you have chosen for playback (e.g. albums, folders, etc).

Check that you do not have any Shuffle modes enabled (icon on the right, under the cover artwork) and also check that you don't have anything pending in the temporary queue that has yet to be played (Library=>Queue).


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Hello, Andre! In the "Library, Queue" section, I had to unclick "after queue, return to previous category" and click the "after the current song" option for the 'start queue' selections. Also, I turned on the "ignore shuffle" option and checked to ensure that anything that offered any type of shuffle was off. It appears that adjusting the "queue" section was the tip I needed. Thank you!!! :<) 

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