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Can EDIT songs, but can't DELETE any


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I'm having an issue where the option to edit Info/Tags is available, but the option to Delete is greyed out.

This is the case regardless of whether I try on songs, albums, artists, playlists, genres etc.

Poweramp has full permissions granted under its setting in Apps.

It's also not dependent on storage location - I have some music on an SD card and some on my internal phone storage, but it's the same result for files on either/or.

Using v3-build-860 on Android 9 (Samsung Galaxy S9)


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1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

Settings > Library > Lists > Delete Action needs to be enabled.


Wow. Well I feel like an idiot now.

Such a simple solution (albiet a little out of the way). I'd tried searching the forums and Google and somehow never came across any reference to it. 😂


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I mean I guess I understand that.

I nicer approach for simpletons like me would potentially be to use a little notification prompting the user to change their settings if they tap the disabled Delete button out of frustration like I did.

But hey, not exactly high priority I'd guess by the lack of posts.

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