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jump to album from a track in the 'all' list


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Hi, i'm using Poweramp for a couple of weeks now and i really love it. I've replace my iPhone with a Samsung Galaxy S2 and im amazed about the difference in sound quality. Poweramp gives such a great and clear sound! Now there are only 2 small things i would really like to see in the Poweramp app and i would never even have to think about switching back.

1. when a track is playing, it would be really great if you could open the album it is on. For example, if im playing all my tracks on shuffle, sometimes i hear a track and it reminds me of the whole album or just one other track which is on that album. On the ipod you could just simply 'flip' the album art cover over and see all the other tracks on that album. If you touched one of them it would start playing and would continue playing that album. Would a simulair function be possible on Poweramp? I would really like to see this. So much i would buy the app again tbh.

2. a search function in the player which is acceseble at all times.



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