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Include month in year sorting.


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First, Thank you for the years category! I am finally able to do away with my years playlists because of this new feature!

My request is partly because of this new category and another issue: If you sort by year like i always do,  you run into many instances where you notice some artists have releases that are not in order. This is because when Poweramp runs into multiple releases of the same year, it then sorts alphabetically because there is no additional info being read for sorting.

Many websites are now including the month and day of release in the year field. Example an album released January 31, 2020 is tagged "2020-01-31" instead of just "2020".

It would be great if Poweramp could recognize that last bit of the year tag that includes the month and day, and use it to sort albums released in the same year. 

This would fix that issue and make the years category better.  I think if you were wanting to listen to all the music released in the summer of 2015 or the winter of 2017, there's no way to do this currently without researching and making playlists. 

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