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Make cloud/LAN folders compatible and more

Sandro Nejm

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My phone has 64GB internal storage it is difficult to have much of quality music (flac or 320kbps mp3) stored, rapidly it got 20GB of music and I have some 20 GB of video, photos 5 GB.


I would like to host some musics in my computer and under wifi connection from Poweramp Windows app for PC (the app does not exist thats a idea OK...) To transfering data to Android Poweramp app and make a download make a temporarily download (when download is complete advertise you can play it) in the way that you can select some  music folders to download and after do some unselection to delete files. I want to play music with no fails, so the download must be complete always before playing.


Instead of hosting music in Computer Poweramp App, under Wifi, you could do this under Cloud Storage thats another try feature.

Finally, downloading music phone to phone the phone Poweramp App to another phone Powramp app syncronized both under wifi it would be a good idea. You can get music of your friends or your second phone.

And one more thing.

I am interested in this since some time:

(I hope it is not expensive to work, but it would help my music experience in mobile)

Remote Media Control (Phone to Phone)


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