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I am a die hard user of this app, since 5 years, I am using the black player also, since it lacks the audio control feature and the ability to play high res formats. I want a native lyrics player like this app. many songs do not have the lyrics embeded into it. if i select music match or quick lyrics they post tons of add, which spoils the listening experience. I am a language learner , i listen songs in my targeted language and i repeat them many times to practice vocabulary. A native lyrics player is very useful for many like me. the option is like copy pasting the lyrics into a song.  it no needs to be synched. i also provide a link at the bottom which other apps do. please make this option developed, it will be so useful. thanks, expecting an positive feedback. 

http://forum.flymeos.com/thread-28218-1-1.html  please visit the link , and make an option like this


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Adding a Lyrics tag to files using an external program is pretty easy - but time-consuming if you want to do a lot of files. PA can then display them natively, rather than needing to use an external feature. I agree it would be nice if Poweramp could also look for sidecar .LRC files, and also to have a basic user-selectable feature to superimpose lyrics over album art automatically whenever there are lyrics available.

As you say though, while PA can search for lyrics via Google, at present there is no way for it to internally paste such wording into physical file tags like you can with the Title/Artist/Album/etc tags.  


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15 hours ago, Mark89 said:

@andrewilley said it all.

It would be nice to finally have option to edit lyrics tag in PA and also it would be nice to display lyrics over album cover (maybe icon on album art for quick access to lyrics).


I actually mentioned the LRC format lyrics feature a couple of weeks ago (lyrics seems like a much requested feature).

If I'm not mistaken, Max is also considering supporting LRC format synced lyrics embedded in the "lyrics tag" (e.g. USLT, SYLT, etc.)


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