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Various Matroska-related issues


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hello! I am a long time user of Poweramp and I am having a couple issues related to matroska container parsing

1. the album_artist, track and date tags are usually not parsed properly, resulting in Poweramp thinking it doesn't have them or thinking the track number is 1. title, album, genre and artist are unaffected

2. it is not correctly parsing UTF-8 extended characters properly, resulting in garbage text with things that contain characters like Japanese kana/kanji, Greek letters, etc. 

3. if a matroska file has an extension other than mka, Poweramp fails to play the file entirely (I've tested with matroska flac and matroska opus, which would normally have .flac or  .opus for extensions but I imagine it does it with other extensions as well) 


my Poweramp build string is "v3-build-860-arm32-play [860002-3d382e0a]". I am using the paid version

my phone is an LG G3 running crDroid 5.7 (which is based off LineageOS), Android 9. I can also test on an LG G5 running stock LG Android 8, but I haven't yet. 

the files were generated with ffmpeg, and are correctly parsed by ffprobe and mpd. if you need a file to test with, I can supply a track no problem.

thank you for your time! 

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linked is the files "03. t+pazolite — Pee-Kan Breaks.mka" and "03. t+pazolite — Pee-Kan Breaks.ogg" from the album 絢爛喧騒オリエント, a screenshot of ffprobe output of the mka file from my laptop, and two screenshots from Poweramp showing the mka and ogg files. the ogg file is the exact same as the mka file, just copied from it into a ogg container using the following command (slightly edited for readability):

ffmpeg -i [mka] -c copy -map 0 [ogg]

both use opus as the codec. the file didn't have a genre at first, so i gave it a test one for the purposes of this bug report.


not shown in the Poweramp screenshot is the comment tag, which is also parsed correctly in addition to the composer tag (i wasn't aware if they did or not, but now we know). the album_artist, track, disc (which i wasn't aware of either) and year tags are not. if you rename the mka to opus, that file doesn't work at all. if you rename the ogg to opus, that file works fine.




03. t+pazolite — Pee-Kan Breaks.ogg

03. t+pazolite — Pee-Kan Breaks.mka


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so i just did something on accident regarding matroska and i figured i'd share it here to see what y'all think about it:

a while back i decided to try and mux an entire album into one matroska file just to see how it'd work that way. the album has nine tracks, and the resulting matroska file has 10 streams: 9 tracks plus the album art. each stream has proper metadata for each track, plus the global metadata is set adequately for the entire file. it's a rather large file coming in at 307MB, all FLAC and one JPEG for the cover. it works somewhat ok with mpv, but mpd has no idea what to do with the extra streams. afterwards i kinda forgot about it, i made it in april of last year.

nearly a year later to today and i've synced all my music inside matroska containers with the .mka extension to my phone. know what else has a .mka extension? my "Thrill Purple.mka" test file from last year.

Poweramp tried to play all the streams inside at once. holy shit i'm dying of laughter at this one. i never would've expected it to try and do this in a million years.


joking aside, it would be neat if y'all could make Poweramp support such a file correctly. it does make album management kindof neat and tidy, but i could understand not adding support. it is kindof a weird one 😛

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