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Search option in playlists


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Hello Mates,

First of all, I really enjoy using Poweramp, it's a great app.

Though since the big update I think one year or two years back, I have a few problems with the search option regarding playlists. Before I had a search bar at the top of the playlist. I picked a song and the app continued playing the playlist. Now the search bar has an own tab at the bottom. When I search I search the song among all songs that Poweramp has access to, but then plays it in the "playlist" of all songs. As an example: I have a party playlist and sometimes people (or I myself) wish to hear a specific song from the playlist. Now scrolling through a hundred songs everytime is a little bit "stressy", for when I search the song via the search bar, the song plays but the next song is a song from all the songs I have, except when I keep myself ready to click on a song in the playlist after the requested song is over.

So what I would really like is a search bar in playlists again so I can search a song in the playlist that I'm currently using and staying in it. (or maybe there is an option but I didn't find it).



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Correct, using Search within any Category will now search through the current viewing level by default. Just tap the 'X' next to the category title to return to searching everywhere, or just use the search icon at the bottom of the screen instead of the one in the category header.


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