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Poweramp V3 B860 VS Android Auto


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I love Poweramp, but when connected with Android Auto in my car using the USB cable, sound is not so great.  Too many bass & treble.  I will like to setup Poweramp without any pre amplifier, like equaliser, bass treble etc.. just pure music.  All those setup will be taking care by my Car audio setup.

How can I setup this?  What is the best setup?



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On 1/21/2020 at 1:01 PM, andrewilley said:

Just turn off the EQ settings. This option can now be saved by output device by the way, so it will only be enabled for that particular playback device, or you can just disable Equ/Tone for all Bluetooth devices in Settings > Audio > Output > (tap your chosen output method) > Bluetooth.


As easy as that is, it takes away from the convenience of the automatic EQ settings. For some reason, Poweramp thinks it's still connected to one of my other Bluetooth speakers and sets the EQ to that. I checked the Audio Information and it says it's connected to my Bluetooth speaker when it's clearly plugged into my Android Auto device. If I stream without Android Auto, it knows it's connected to my Jeep's Uconnect system. As soon as I plug in Android Auto, it brings up the EQ for my speaker.

I haven't completed my full analysis of the problem but I was thinking that I might have the Bluetooth device selected for my speaker along with the specific speaker under it. I wonder what would happen if that "general" Bluetooth connection was disabled in my settings.

Can the audio EQ profiles be edited without being connected to the device?

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