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Cyrillic names bug


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There is funny bug when i have music with cyrillic names together with dash ( dashes ) which is named like this : ария-я-свободен.mp3  . Poweramp reads it as something like ľľščťčšťčýáááá. But in info/tags i can see real name showed correctly. I tried different encoding in Poweramp settings. The problem still persist with every coding consisting cyrillic alphabet.  By renaming music to ария я свободен.mp3 there is no problem.

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It works this way:

- utf-8/unicode encoding - works out of the box, no settings
- 8-bit encoding - supports just one language. To select encoding, use Settings / Library / Scanner /Tag Encoding (e.g. win-1251). By default this is set according to the phone region settings at the moment of Poweramp installation.


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