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Poweramp can't output to SPDIF through "Hi-Res Output" or "Float32 Sample format" under "AudioTrack Output"


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  • Poweramp build number              : v3-build-860-uni
  • your device model                         : FiiO M11 Pro
  • your Android version                     : Android 7.0
  • your custom ROM name/version: FiiO formal release 1.0.1
  • steps to reproduce:
  1. Connect FiiO M11 Pro and TEAC UD-505 with RCA to 3.5mm coaxial cable.
  2. Output plugins select "Hi-Res Output" or  "AudioTrack Output" that enabled "Float32 Sample format".
  3. UD-505 show check when play the audio. -> issue
  • Isolation:
  1. "OpenSL ES Output" or "AudioTrack Output" that disabled "Float32 Sample format" can work normally.
  2. The highest supported format for UD-505 is 24 bit, 192kHz.


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