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Bluetooth - music will stop playing when the screen turns off


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  • Poweramp build number - 859
  • your device model - OnePlus 6T
  • your Android version - Android 10.3.0
  • Car model - Toyota Corolla 2019

So I've noticed something really strange, if I start driving for example from home to point B the music works normally, but when I start driving back home, this is when the problem starts

I connect to the car BT as always and after about 2-5 minutes, the music suddenly starts to sound choppy for 5 seconds and then it stops and resumes only when I turn on my phone's screen (without unlocking) and from here it will start doing the same choppy to no music routine but immediately after I turn off my screen, without that 2-5 minutes delay. when the screen is left on, the music will play normally.

I don't really know where the issue lies, since I bought the car (which has Android firmware as well) at the same time I got the Android Q update, but when I tried playing music from iTube which works with downloaded files, the music worked fine.

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If player is not killed (on next start you don't see message about Poweramp being killed and playback resumes from mid-track), this is out of player scope. If you recently updated ROM, I would suggest re-pairing BT device to update descriptors. Some users get good results by changing BT AVRCP version in Developer settings. Thanks!

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