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The best Poweramp v3 build 856-858 settings by Naufal Afif Akbar (from indonesia)

Naufal Afif Akbar

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Poweramp setting

1. Equalizer flat or extra vocal increases the frequency of 1KHz by 2.5dB

2. Increase the preamp by 5.6dB

3. Tone : Bass 60% and Trebel 42%

4. increase stereo expansion by 4%

5. volume control of 20% -30% do not over it, 25% of my recommendations

6. increase the Replay GAIN by 11dB

7. activate Hi-res mode if your device supports (Settings / Audio / Output)

to add sound quality can combine Poweramp and Re Equalizer.

Re Equalizer setting

1. Equalizer flat

2. Gain 0

3. FX : Surround 4, Reverb, Deep Bass 6

4. Intensity Medium

5. Mode : CHAIN or CHAIN Alternative

6. Ouput : Global

if confused please see the picture.

sorry if the language is smeared for using google translation.

poweramp 3.jpg

poweramp 4.jpg

poweramp 5.jpg

poweramp 1.jpg

poweramp 2.jpg

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